8 Hullet Condo


Due to its prime location, the 8 Hullet Condo Residence in Singapore affords the residents an array of amenities and makes it one of the most sought-after developments in District 2. From its closeness to several commercial buildings, shopping centres, and other avenues of interest that are underway as part of the Government’s community masterplan, residents of the condominium will have access to all locations of interest and convenience.

8 Hullet Residence is central to a variety of amenities, including the integrated Sofitel Singapore City Centre, office space at Guoco Tower, and the 150,000 sq ft landscaped Urban Park.

Residents of the condo have access to 6 storeys of shopping and F&B services, with each level designed to appeal to residents with varying interests. Offering similar intrigue, the Urban Park provides space for art and cultural exhibitions, as well as an ideal space for general recreation and social gathering for residents to enjoy.


8 Hullet sits at the pinnacle of Tanjong Pagar Centre, an ambitious vertical city that will be the focal point of the Tanjong Pagar precinct. An integrated development with a dynamic mix of commercial, retail and residential elements, Tanjong Pagar Centre will be the landmark development for the area.


Those who are interested in investing in extravagant Singapore property may visit the 8 Hullet Condo Showflat to gain a fuller understanding of the opportunities that prospective residents have to look forward to.

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